Flow header issue

Isn’t there an option to just hide the complete header above a flow title?
If I set the header in master pages to contain “{@flownumber@}. {flowtitle}” and then set “Flow title in header” to “Hide above flow heading” in the layout options, only the flow title disappears but not the flow number. Which technically is correct, however usually in these cases I wouldn’t want the header at all…
Or am I looking in the wrong place? This belongs technically to page setup doesn’t it?

see attached example…above flow 2

flowTitle in Header.dorico (586.8 KB)

There’s not an automatic option for this – what you can do instead is create a new custom page template, based on your Default page template, and delete the header text frame entirely from the custom page template. Then, use the custom page template wherever you need a blank header above a flow heading.

It’s manual work, and if the casting off changes later you’ll need to move or re-assign page templates, but that’s probably the cleanest method at the moment.

I know the work around, but thank you anyway. :pray:
My point is more function based. I believe the layout options would benefit to have this feature of hiding a header above a flow title…

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