Flow Header text gets copied all over

Apologies for not findig the right words.

When make changes in the flows, like ordering or
copy of flow i get something like “first page” of a flow appering in unexpected places. Texts like
{@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@}
It also looks like a page header that might be intended for the first page of a flow.

The text frame that shows {@ flowNumber @}. {@ flowTitle @} is called a flow heading. They’re used to put the title of each flow automatically above the first system of the flow.

If they’re appearing in odd places, that suggests you’ve got local page overrides in the layout - they’re denoted by red triangles in the panel on the right in Engrave mode. This happens when you edit something about a page directly in the layout, rather than customizing the relevant master page. This includes double-clicking a text frame and changing the text inside it.

Feel free to share your project if you want someone to take a look and give you more specific advice.

Here’s an introduction to master pages and where information comes from that might be helpful. And here’s a video introduction to how master pages work as well:

Thank You. I will look into that. Seems helpful!

I have created a Master pages and Flow headings.
How do I replace Flow Headings → Default with
Flow Headings → my_new_flowheading on all flowheadings?

Either edit the existing Default flow heading so it has the formatting you want, or create a new flow heading and set it to be the Default type (each master page set can only have one Default flow heading set).

Unless you specifically need additional master pages and flow headings, you might as well just edit the ones provided. Each master page set has a single First and single Default master page - it can have any number of additional custom master pages.

I have changed the defaults. It will work for now.
But how do I set my formating to Default?

I don’t think you can change a Custom flow heading into the Default after creating it, I’m afraid.

Unless you mean how can you make it so that every new project you start uses your master pages as set in this project? You can’t do that either, but you can export/import master page sets between projects.

Good to know.