Flow Heading and Tacet in Parts

Hello, everybody! A few questions related to flows in instrument parts:

  1. How do I get Dorico to show “TACET” for an entire flow if an instrument doesn’t play, rather than showing all multi-bar rests with rehearsal numbers in between? (See attached image)

  2. How do I get Flow Names (in this case, movement numbers) in the part when flows can start on the same page as the previous one? (I.E. the Moderato in the image should be II, and the Adagio should be III).


  1. At the moment, Dorico doesn’t provide that kind of tacet sheet automatically, though it is planned: the idea is that if an instrument is not assigned to a flow, but that flow is assigned to the layout, then you would see a tacet sheet, to differentiate from the instrument being assigned to the flow but not having any music, as per the current behaviour. For now, you could consider unassigning the player from the flow, so that no music for that flow appears in the layout, and then adding the necessary tacet text using a text frame.

  2. You will need to insert a text frame above the start of the third movement, and use the token {@flow3Title@}, where 3 is the number of the flow as shown in the Flows panel in Setup mode.

Daniel, just to be certain I understand: Are you saying that what you describe here WILL happen in the future when the feature is added, but it doesn’t work that way yet?

Because what I find is that if I exclude instruments from a flow (let’s say Movement 2 out of three movements), that flow does not appear on their parts in any way: the part simply goes from Movement 1 to Movement 3 without comment. (I do see TACET for movements in which they aren’t excluded, but have nothing to play.)

Yes, what I described above is the plan for how this should work, but not how it actually works at present.

Daniel, in the planned future system, suppose an orchestral movement is divided into two flows for sake of organization. Would two tacet sheets result in such a situation?

Yes, each flow would produce its own Tacet indication.

Here, it reads:

The correct assignment of players to flows allows Dorico, for example, to generate tacet sheets automatically for individual instrumental parts.

Just thought I would check in to see if there is a way to make this happen now.

I have searched for an answer to the best of my meager abilities. Sorry in advance for a probably unnessecary post.

Not yet.