Flow heading behaviour with frame breaks

My routine is to adapt parts to facilitate page turns once I’m done writing the music.
When I add a new frame break at the place I want it for a page turn, the flow heading / flow titles behave in a way I don’t understand. They can disappear totally, appear at a wrong place, or change (e.g. adding the flow number that I had taken away). Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Hard to tell without seeing the project itself, I’m afraid. Can you share it, or a reduced version of it?
(And a description of what you did and what you wanted)

Without knowing anything else, my guess is that you have some page overrides messing things up. Those look like red triangles:
Schermafbeelding 2022-03-08 om 00.48.16

Once you have a page override (for example, when you edit frames directly instead of via the Page Template), Dorico naïvely fixes all the frames in place, including flow headings, which may then suddenly be in nonsensical places.

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Thank you! I messed around a bit more now, and found out it was due to deleting the flow numbers one by one, instead of through “Flow headings” in the menu. Each of those individual changes indeed show up as page overrides, and then they stuck to their “original” places, or were “created again” with the flow number included. Or disappeared… whatever, case solved.