Flow heading changes within a page

Is it possible to use two (or more) different flow heading templates on the same page? Having read the documentation and searched threads here, I suspect that the answer is ‘no’, but would love to hear if I’m wrong!

If not, please consider this an additional voice to this feature request. At present, I am manually altering the formatting of certain flow headings on my page, but this leads to Page Overrides and the undesirable behaviour that those bring.

Many thanks!

Depending what you need to be different, the only way I can imagine would be to use the same (custom) flow heading but alter (or omit) text by using tokens to refer back to different flow info in the Project Info fields, but I confess, I have not tried this on a single page.

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I also wish to have the possibility to assign different flow headings template on flows that exist in the same page. I hope this will be possible in the future.

I’m trying to imagine how that would be done unless there were a way to attach flow-header templates to the flow instead of to the page.

That would take quite a bit of serious reprogramming, I expect, especially if one had to leave open the possibility that changes in layout would put a formerly mid-page flow header at the top of a new page.

This has been requested before and we know it is something that users would like to be possible.