Flow heading not showing

I have created a document with two flows and wish to have the flow heading on flow two appear. I seem to have ticked all the right boxes but it still isn’t showing. Any ideas please? Please see attached.

Pentatonic Scale Exercise 4.dorico (484.4 KB)

You have to remove page overrides in Engrave Mode, then it reappears.

Does this not remove the other overrides that I wish to keep though?

Yes. Once a page is overridden it’s marked as manual adjustment only. Tweaks to master pages or these sorts of Layout Options won’t have any effect on an overridden page, as Dorico assumes that your overrides are intentional and you want to keep your work.

Note that overrides can be removed from all pages or from a single page.

Yes it does, but by creating overrides you told Dorico that you take control over the page layout completely.

Okay. Can I remove individual overides?

No – A page is either overridden or it isn’t. You can edit the page however you want, but if it is edited (overridden), changes to settings will not affect it. It’s either-or.

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If the reason for the override can be achieved using either edits to the existing master pages or the creation of a new, custom master page that you assign only to the needed pages, I would recommend trying that option at least.

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Thank you for all of your helpful replies.