Flow heading -- setting exact horizontal position

I would like to position my flow headings (which, in this project, are simply “exercise numbers”) so that their left-most edges line up with the left-most position of their corresponding (music) systems.

Using Engrave/Page/Flow Headings/Default/Edit, I can justify the headings fully-left, or ‘nudge’ them manually. However, in this Edit mode, I cannot see the position of the corresponding music systems, and so am unable to find the exact location to which to ‘nudge’ the Flow heading.

Is there a way by which the system (or its location) can be displayed, while editing the flow heading position?

While I’m here . . . a VERY dumb question: through these Flow heading edits, I have (I guess) made changes to this project’s master page set. I’m assuming that these changes apply only to the master page set for this project (that is, unless I were to then save these master page set changes as default) . Is that correct?

Many thanks!

There’s no way of viewing music whilst editing flow headings or master pages. You could check the system indent (if you’re not using staff labels) and recreate that gap for frames in the flow heading using the available properties when a frame is selected.

You could also instead add the titles manually as staff or system text (with the risk of any flow reordering etc having to be corrected manually) and make use of this option for automatically aligning text objects with the start of systems.

You can’t save master page changes as default - they are stored within the master page set. You can instead export the master page set and import it into other projects.

One (rather inconvenient) way would be to do a temporary edit to the page directly, that is not the Master Page. Open the Properties Panel and copy down the exact numbers. Undo the edit so you don’t end up with a page override. Then open the MP editor and apply the values there.

Aha – thank-you, both! I hadn’t realized that I could indent the flow heading frame itself, rather than just nudge my flow heading manually.

And because of what you explained, Craig, I now see that the Frame Properties panel gives exact values for frame position, which can probably be used in a few different ways.

Lillie, I looked into system indent – I am using staff labels, tho’ – but I see that the units used for indentation values are “spaces”, whereas those that define frame position (in Engrave mode) seem to be in “inches”. Can these units be changed, so they can be of use here?

I just created a completely new project, and see that (phew!) my changes to the previous project’s master pages only applied to that particular project. So I am interpreting your advice – to *export" the earlier project’s master page set and import it into other projects – as being a proper way of preserving the changes I’ve made in that earlier project, for future use – with, I’m assuming, a new/unique name for that master page set. Yes?

Thanks again!

Yes - the default master pages “restart fresh” in new projects. If you want to reuse a particular master page set, you have to export/import it, as I said (and unless I’m misremembering, we’ve covered in another thread). You can name them whatever you like. Or, use the project in which the changes exist as a starting point for future projects (“save as”).

You can change the unit of measurement. However, some options aren’t affected by this and off the top of my head that includes options that use spaces.

Thanks, Lillie.
Yes, you probably did mention this before, but – as this is all still new territory for me (not only the concepts, but many terms as well) – it takes a few repeats for it to have meaning and sink in.