Flow headings and spacing question

I realize these are most likely quite simple, but I cannot find the answers:

I have a three-movement work, each movement is a new flow with title. How do I suppress the title from appearing on each page of the score, but allow it to appear on the first page of the movement? I know I can go through and delete the tokens on each page, but that seems like the long (and wrong) way to do this.

On vertical spacing - I have the score set up, gaps seem fine, but I still occasionally find dynamics falling off/out of the bottom fo the frame - even where there is plenty of room on the page. Is this a justification setting issue.

Sorry for such basic questions - I seem to find most of my answers by looking, but can’t seem to find the answers to these.

  1. Do you mean at the very top of the page, in the text frame above the main music frame? If so, just open up the Default master page and either delete the text token at the top that contains the {@flowtitle@} token, or just delete the token from the text frame. Flow headings (the in-built feature) should only appear once above the start of each flow. Depending on your per-layout settings, if the flow starts at the top of the page it’ll use the First master page layout.

  2. Music frame padding is the gap between the frame edge and the bottom line of the bottom staff in the frame, Dorico doesn’t automatically account for other items below the staff - this is to maintain a consistent bottom position of staves. You can either increase the music frame padding throughout the layout, or on individual pages using the Frames tool in Engrave mode (this is a page override).


Thank you - it took a little fumbling, but I go there in the end!

Much appreciated!