Flow Headings Question

Assume that I have a piece with a dozen or so short (~16 bars) flows. In the parts, I have set up the following layout options: New Flows - Allow on existing page, Use ‘First’ page template - Never, and Show Flow Headings - For all flows.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there an easy way to also show the flow sub-titles?
  2. The spacing between the end of the music in one flow and the flow heading for the next flow seems very small. Is there an engraving option or something to adjust this?

I know that I can add the subtitles and adjust the spacing individually but I am hoping that Dorico may be able to do some of it for me.


You should be able to add the Flow Subtitles and adjust spacing above and below the flow header by customizing the Flow Header Page Template in Engrave mode.

You can adjust the Flow heading top margin setting in the Flows section of the Page Setup page of Layout Options to adjust the margin above a flow heading (i.e. the distance between the last system of the previous flow, and the new flow heading).

Thanks, both. I knew it was somewhere but I just couldn’t remember.