Flow headings still appear on page 2 and beyond

I only have one flow in my project. I have Show Flow Headings set to ‘Never’. Yet this only turns them off for the first page.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi @strumm! If you can post a cut-down version of your project here, I’ll be happy to take a look and advise.

Thanks @thiagotiberio

I’ll try to create a stripped down version. In the meantime, here are my settings.

Id’ be willing to bet some of your pages have overrides, indicated by a red triangle in the pages panel. Right-click and remove all page overrides.

If you’ve made some layout edits directly onto the page, you would lose those, unfortunately. If that’s the case, circle back around and we’d be glad to offer help regarding master pages.

Thanks @DanKreider

I don’t see any red triangles in the pages panel, and I have not performed any layout edits.

Have you made any changes to templates, in Engrave mode?

Oh, you have only one flow… I missed that in the original post.

You’re probably referring to the headers at the top of the Default master page. Those aren’t flow headers. They’re merely page headers that are part of the layout design for all pages following page 1.

To remove those, you need to double-click on your Default master page to edit it. You can remove those frames entirely, or modify their contents to omit the title.

If I missed again, please do post a stripped-down file as Thiago suggested.

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Thanks @DanKreider,

That worked, thank you! I deleted the macro-ish looking {@flowTitle@} in the green boxes.

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That’s a token. You might find this a helpful introduction.

Thank you, that looks like a great article!