Flow headings


I’m having trouble with the new ‘flow headings’ feature in Dorico 2.2. What happens is that when I allow flows to start on an existing page, things go wrong when I mess with frames in that page. For example when I insert a graphic frame to show my logo on the score. When I do this, a new flow does not make its own flow header anymore. Am I missing something? Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?


Flow headings and overridden pages don’t mix. Add your logo to a master page, e.g. add it to the ‘First’ master page if that’s appropriate, or define a new master page and use that masetr page by way of a master page change, rather than manually adding it directly to a page in the layout.

Aha! Didn’t know that, makes sense, thanks!

This idea completely screwed me up over the last few days.

In the copyright frame, I just deleted the token and typed some new text. The text wasn’t really copyright information, it was other information. When I went to remove the flow heading (as it was only 1 flow in length) fro the layout options, the flow heading never went away.

2 days later I stumble on this thread. While I can understand why some things need to not be synced after some changes are made, is there a way of making something like this more obvious? I really thought there was a major issue with Dorico.


P.S. - the good news is that I was able to find this thread and make sense out of what was going on.

Robby, the existing clue is the red page corner in the top right “Pages” panel in Engrave mode. That said, I’d appreciate a more obvious warning too!

Well, I guess part of it was that I didn’t realize that a page override forbid the layout options to take effect. I would ‘think’ that layout options would trump everything else.


It’s a bit more nuanced than that, I think. The particular Layout Option we’re talking about affects what appears in text frames. The contents of text frames is the thing that can’t be automatically updated on overridden pages.

Also, page 18 of the Version History (http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Dorico_Pro_2_and_Dorico_Elements_2/2.2/Dorico_2.2_Version_History.pdf) does say this, which should at least provide a clue:

“Converting an existing project to use automatic flow headings instead of manual text frames added in an earlier version will also require you to remove overrides from pages in your layouts, and may require you to lay out the music again, as Dorico’s determination about how much music will fit in each system once automatic flow headings are taken into account will almost certainly differ from your choices made when setting up flow headings manually.”

While I would understand this if the project was an older project. This project, however, originated in 2.2, Which is why I would think the layout options would trump most everything else.

I’ll read through the version history again to see if there’s something else I might have missed.


I don’t think you’ve missed anything. I don’t think it’s explicitly stated that this Layout Option affects the contents of text frames on Master Pages, but that IS what it does.

It’s perfectly normal behaviour that modified Master Pages won’t propagate modifications to overridden individual pages.

Ohhhh… Your last sentence, makes perfect sense.

In essence, a page with overrides has been overridden… therefore changes to any options probably won’t take, as it has been set aside as a page that has been changed specifically by the user.

Your last sentence 100% makes that connection in my mind. Thanks Leo!!!


Layout Options, in general, can be applied successfully to overridden pages (along with Engraving Options and Notation Options). Those three sets of options only affect the content of music frames.

Text frames always come down to Master Pages and manually added individual frames.

Off the top of my head, the Layout Options for Flow Headings are the only instance whereby Layout Options interact with Text frames.