Flow import causes error and crash

Importing the lone flow from this file, whether merging or creating new instruments, is causing an “An error occurred” message, followed by a Dorico crash.

I’ve reverted the file I’m importing from to factory settings, and importing into any new document, whether completely empty or a factory template, is causing this error.

Guides.dorico (1.1 MB)

I’m unable to reproduce a crash when importing the flow from this project into another empty project. Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so I can get a look at the crash logs?

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Interesting! Thank you for taking a look.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.2 MB)

Thanks for the diagnostics, which certainly show a consistent set of crash logs. Could you please make a little screen recording showing the exact steps you’re taking to bring about the crash? I’m not sure why you’re able to reproduce the problem consistently and I’m not.

Of course! Sent privately.