FLow Layout?

Flows are still frustrating me and I have tried to look for answers on the forum but came up with not good answers. So I thought I would ask a few questions.

I am trying to make a warm up sheet for marching band and I want the 6 warmups to be on one sheet. I read that I have to create one flow for each warmup and then in layout options select allow flows on the same page.

#1. Is there a way to create titles for each warmup on the score such as 1. F Concert 2. Bb Concert 3. Open Tones etc they will just flow to the parts or do I have to go in and put the titles for each warmup on each part?

#2. Can I look at one flow at a time on the screen or do I have to scroll to the end of flow 1 to see flow 2 and scroll to the end of flow 2 to see flow 3 etc?

#3. I am still figuring out how to change the titles of each page so they automatically show up in the parts (I assume I do that in Project info, but then have to change the master page so those info boxes I changed in the project info show up in parts/score) Do I need to do this for every flow?

Am I doing things wrong with text editing or flows or trying to make this warmup sheet? Anybody got any advice.

Nick Farrell

Hi Nick.

#1 The flow titles are shown once in a page. This means for now, you cannot have six flowtitles automatically showing on one page. This is a problem D’s team know about, and they will bring a solution in a future update. As for now, the only way to write some text that will appear in every part that you need would be to input a “fake” tempo marking, using the shift+T popover at about the center of every first system of each flow. This fake tempo would be the title of your flow. You can move this around in Engrave mode. Not ideal, but should work.

#3 Use the tokens and the Project info window to automatically input text on your scores, such as titles or composers. If you search the forum (+dorico +tokens) I think you’ll find Daniel’s list of possible tokens

You will indeed need to do that, I’m afraid, until we’ve had a chance to implement automatic flow titles for multiple flows on the same page, which is in our plans.

You might find it useful to switch to galley view, where each flow is laid out one after the other from left to right.

The header on each page shows the title of whichever is the first flow on that page. You may want to edit the master page definition so that the header frame doesn’t contain any specific title, or perhaps contains the title of the overall project instead.