Flow Name in Setup different from Flow Title

  1. In Setup mode, give your Flow a name by clicking on the big Frame rectangle in the bottom panel.
  2. In Project Info, change the Title of that Flow.

Your Flow now has a new Title, but the Name remains the same.

Is this a bug? I’d rather it wasn’t, and if not, is there a token for the name, as distinct from the Title? (I’ve tried {@flowName@}.)

The Flow is called Sinfonia, but its Title is “Allegro”.

Screenshot 11.png

It’s by design - it’s certainly come up on this forum before. I think the idea is that if you’ve got duplicated flows you can instantly see which one is which, without displaying it on the printed page or plunging into Project info.

I believe there’s a one-way link between them: if you change the title in the bottom panel, that will override the (default) name in Project Info, but not the other way round. Also, if you’ve already renamed it in the bottom panel then changing Project Info won’t change the name in the bottom panel.

I hope I’ve got this the right way round!


But can I use the Flow “name” in the score?

I’m running out of Tokens!!!

It shouldn’t be a bug IMO - there is a difference between the flow, the name of the flow, what the flow is called, and what the name of the flow is called (to paraphrase Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass”).

If would be quite reasonable for several flows to have the same title in the score, but less reasonable for them to have the same names in the project, unless you like getting confused - though you can create several flows with the same “Setup mode” name if you want to get confused.

Looking at the latest list of tokens (from a recent link posted by Daniel) there is no token for the “Setup mode” flow name.

There isn’t a token for the flow’s name as specified in the Flows panel in Setup mode, though in principle there could be. I didn’t think this was likely to be useful, since as Rob says the flow name in the Flows panel can end up a bit funny peculiar after duplicating or importing flows.

I realize this is an ancient topic. I think I finally understand what is going on and why it might be useful under certain situations, but for normal use I still find this behavior a bit confusing. To rename a flow and keep things in synch you have to remember to change it in the Flows Panel.

Yes it’s a small issue and low priority, but it would be nice if somewhere down the road an option could be added to say “Keep Flow Names & Flow Titles in Synch”