Flow name in title bar

I don’t understand the logic of the title shown in the title bar of the Dorico window when in Settings. It does not reflect the title of the selected flow. However, if I rename a flow, this name now becomes the flow title in the title bar (“[Flow name] in [File name]”) and this stays even if I select another flow.

Have you chosen something within the new flow?
I find that when I activate the caret within Flow 2, the window headers says
“Flow 2 in [filename]

Right but that would throw me out of the Setup mode (to Write).

I agree with you @kaleva in that selecting a flow while in Setup mode it would make sense to not only reflect this in the top window, but also allow changes to that particular flow. Not only does it not update in the top window, but making changes to instrumentation, etc. is not possible on the flow you just clicked on (at the bottom). It stays stuck on whatever is listed at the top window. Seems clunky that one would have to select something in the flow in order to stay in the flow to use Setup mode on that flow when all flows are listed in Setup. It’s as if Setup mode is retaining the last used flow while at the same time giving the user access to other flows where changes can be made… but only to the last used flow! (If it sounds cumbersome it is, in a way).