Flow names as subtitles

Is it possible to have the names of flows appear as subtitles on parts when the next flow start on the same frame as the previous flow?

(It is slow with large files atm, but the entire concept is quite impressive, and I’m learning it very fast)

We don’t have a clever automatic way of handling flow breaks within the same page at the moment, so you would need to do that manually by way of overriding the page layout in Engrave mode, but making it possible for multiple flows to show flow breaks with titles etc. in the middle of a page is definitely on our list for the future.

Thanks! Right now, if I remove an instrument from a flow, it doesn’t show tacet on the part, it just skips to the next flow. Is there a command I’m missing somewhere? If I leave the empty staff in the flow, then it shows multirests between rehearsal marks until the final mark when it’s tacet al fine. Wondering if that’s normal for now …

It’s normal for now, though it’s not quite right. There were a couple of compromises involved in getting multi-bar rests working in the run-up to the release and we will be revisiting this area, as the handling of tacet movements is not currently correct according to our original design.