Flow navigation doesn't seem to work...

According to the update log…

“Navigating between flows. Selecting a flow in the Flows panel in Setup mode now navigates to the first bar of that flow”

This doesn’t work in my project. Could this be because it’s made in the previous version?

Hmmm - navigating between flows works just fine for me, with a score I started in v1.1. Five movements, and I can change the order if I like - very convenient!

If you find this doesn’t work in just one project, then please attach that project here. There’s nothing magical going on there – it’s basically doing the same thing as choosing Edit > Go To Bar, choosing the flow you want to navigate to, and clicking OK.

I’m finding this too, except it happens for all my projects. Clicking on a flow in setup mode has never jumped to that particular flow - I’ve had to scroll manually, even after the most recent update. Not a huge drama for me, but I’m wondering if I’ve clicked something wrong somewhere…

On a similar note, I’ve found the recently added “go to next flow/previous flow” feature an absolute god-send - thanks Dorico team! It literally has saved me hours of scrolling through my full score. The massive project I’m working on - an original musical theatre project, and the main reason I jumped to Dorico after years in Sibelius - has 30 flows, almost as many players (not every player plays in every flow) and various custom score layouts.

Scrolling through is still somewhat driving me nuts however, as the “go to next flow” feature only works for those layouts that contain every flow. It works fine in the Full Score layout, but not in my vocal score (which skips the instrumental incidental music flows). Similarly, my string quartet custom score layout doesn’t contain the flows that are a-capella songs, and “go to next flow” doesn’t work there either.

This doesn’t work either in my score, no matter on which page I am, using Edit/Go to Bar and choosing a flow doesn’t do anything.

Then, as I asked, please attach the project here.

Just a long shot;
Have you changed the first bar number in the flow you’re trying to navigate to? If so, remember to also change the bar number in the navigation dialog. This has put me of a few times. This also seems to be a minor limitation of the new setup mode navigation, as it seeks for ‘Bar 1’ rather than the first bar.

Ah, I see what you mean. Normally it would start with bar 1, you mean. Yes, I changed all of them. It would indeed nice if it would go to the first bar of a flow instead of bar number 1. That would give more freedom.

I’ve written an example score and to show you what I mean: a greatly simplified song cycle, where the singer has music in flows 1, 3 & 5 only, and flows 2 & 4 are incidental music while the singer is off stage, changing costume or something.

Go to next flow (GTNF) doesn’t work on the voice layout, as it’s not involved in flow 2 or 4, but works fine in the full score and piano layout. Go to bar (cmd+G) does work for me, and I suppose I could start using that more than GTNF…

Is it possible to have GTNF layout specific, so that it goes to the next available flow, whatever that may be?

Oh, and in this example score, clicking on the flows in Setup mode doesn’t jump to that flow either (although that doesn’t work in any of my projects)
example2.dorico.zip (749 KB)

I downloaded your example score, and in Setup mode I was able to navigate to the beginning of each flow by clicking on each one. I wonder why it works for me and not for you?

On the other hand, Go To Next Flow works in the full score and piano part, but not in the voice part, just as for you.

It’s a good idea to make go to next/previous flow consider which flows are in the current layout: I’ve made a note of this.