Flow number as letter

I tried searching but didn’t see any threads on this. My apologies if I missed it.

Is it possible to have {@flownumber@} show as letters? I read the docs on text tokens, and it appears only possible for numerals. I have a project where using letters is necessary.

Fortunately I can probably get away with doing this manually, but I would rather do it properly if possible.


Welcome to the forum, sethm. At the moment there’s no way to cause flow numbers to appear as letters, though we’ve talked here about adding this in future; you can already make them appear as Roman numerals, so it wouldn’t be too hard to make them appear as letters.

You could use some other token that you’re not using, like Work Number, and assign a letter to each flow in the Project Info. Then use that token.
The advantage is that you don’t need to override a Master page, so you keep your letters if your pages move.

Thank you both! I’ll look into that, benwiggy.