Flow number going over the notes

how do I fix that,

when I change the flow heading top and down margin it gets even more messy

Thank you!

That looks like you have page template overrides on this page, which lock the flow heading into place, preventing it moving with the music in future.

Here’s how to remove page overrides (assuming you have Dorico Pro?)

And here’s where you can edit the flow heading template, if you wanted to remove the flow title and just show the flow number for all flows, for example (it’s not necessary to edit each individual flow heading directly, and indeed it’s better if you don’t!)

I can breathe!
thank you!
is there a way to move the number a bit?
again- the heading top and down margin doesn’t help

One can adjust the Heading Template (in the Page Template section of Engrave Mode) to increase the bottom margin of all headers (or create a custom Header Template to assign where wanted).

Or one can stretch an individual Header margin in Engrave, but that creates a page override, which I prefer to avoid.

Here’s a page that covers the most important margins – essentially:

  • A flow heading at the very top of a music frame can’t be moved down itself, it’ll stick to the top of the music frame – therefore, the top edge of the music frame determines where the flow heading goes

  • A flow heading in the middle of the page has top and bottom margins, which you can adjust on a per-layout or per-page basis

  • The gap between the flow heading and the top music staff beneath is is governed by the flow heading bottom margin (same terms as above)

Just to be clear here… make sure you are not trying to change this while in Write Mode. I mention this because your screenshot shows you in Write Mode.