Flow number in header - "hide above flow heading"

In my project, the flow title is hiding in the header above a flow heading, but the flow number is still showing in the header. Is there a way to hide the flow number in the header - when it is above a flow heading.

Right now it looks like this: (I want to hide the small flow number in the header above the flow title)

Try changing or eliminating the appropriate token in your Page Template (both L and R pages).

I could do that, but then (I guess) the flow number will disappear from the page headers where there is no Flow heading (as on the right hand page in the attached image)

Off the top of my head (not at Dorico right now): there is a Layout Option to hide a running header above a Flow Heading, maybe that would apply here?

Only a few specific tokens will be automatically hidden above a flow heading, so what I’ve done in the past (in situations where the running header needs to show more info than covered by those options) is duplicate the Default page template, delete the running header frame entirely on the duplicate page template, and assign that template to pages with the flow heading at the top.