Flow of notation on first page

Newbie here again…

I have a piano-only introduction (as a separate flow) to my SATB choral piece (other, separate flows). Only the first 3 bars of the piano-only layout/flow display on the first page, with the rest flowing on to the music frame on the next page. I’ve spent 2 days trying to work this out, looking through online help, the pdf manual and forum posts. Can anyone help?

Frankly, I find the whole frame flow, frame breaks, master page etc quite hard to get a grasp of…
Some kind of work-through example would be so helpful - exactly like Daniel’s brilliant Preces & Responses workbook, but with all the flows adjoining each other, flowing together where needed for identical instrumentation layouts, but using separate layouts where reduced… just a little more explanation of the key concepts and how they fit together. Sometimes working backwards from a finished example can help explain things more clearly.

BTW, I’m also a cook and one of Raymond Blanc’s early cookboosk that explained the science behind the cooking went a long way to working out in my mind how to achieve what I wanted to achieve. As did the pictures of his finished dishes, of course!

Have you by any chance entered an unintended frame-break on the 4th bar…? ( first check that View/Signposts/Frame breaks are checked… is there a purple flag on the 4th bar? )

I cant see any signposts - and they’re all turned on. Is there a separate hide override?

I had set up the Full score layout to have two systems per frame, it seems, under Casting Off (Setup > Layouts > Settings (cogwheel) > Casting Off. Mea culpa. Thanks for helping. Now to work out how to set three bars per stave , not 2 + 4!

Glad you got it sorted, I was running out of ideas :wink: Use system breaks (shift-s) in Engrave mode to “cast off” manually…

Ah - I just hit the Alt key (on a PC) and the signposts magically all appeared. So, now I can see that I have a stave break at bar 3. I’ve shifted that to Bar 4, so now I have to work out how to make each stave justify across 3 bars, so that they look neat.

Thanks for your help. (BTW, I’m working on a few Grieg arrangements for choir at the moment. I’ve never been to Norway, but would love to, one day…)

Did you find a solution to not being able to see signposts?

I’ve got 1 that says “atonal”, all are checked in View>Signposts, nothing else shows.


If the signposts for frame breaks and system breaks are turned on, and you can’t see any actually showing AND you haven’t set anything on the casting off feature, Dorico’s engine is deciding where to put things.

You can override this in Engrave mode. For exampleC if you want three bars on a system, select the first note you want on the system, and shift-click the final bar line you want on the system. Then click the “make into system” button on the left pane (roll your mouse over the various buttons and text will appear telling you what they do).