flow organisation

I finished copying a mass with 1 flow per movement. At the end I added two flows containing a short introduction for one singer only “Gloria Introduction” and “Credo Introduction”. I managed to insert little music frames at the beginning of these two movements:

Everything fine so far.
But when I print out the score, I have these two little extra flows at the end of the score. I can’t really deselect them, otherwise they would not be displayed where they are needed. What procedure is needed here? Just print page range 1-148 instead of 1-150?

Although I do not have access to the program at the moment, there is a way to prevent the “inserted” flows from reappearing at the end. I think it has to do with the frames at the end and limiting what flows they can access.

Might this thread help?

The screencast to which Marc refers is here.

Derrek and Mark, thank you for your replies. I have watched the screencast. Still I seem to not get any further, a little help very much appreciated.
These are my Frame options, MA, LF and LH. Only MA leaves me with music in the frame. The two other options do not display anything. If I click “Unlink” the whole Score becomes a mess…

Frame Options.png

hi, k_b!
The problem you run into is that those two additional flows are part of the MA chain. I suppose the main music (apart from the two introductory flows) are included using MA. The only way not to have those additional flows is to modify the masterpage set, so that the music frames inside do not contain MA chain (nor any M chain). Because Dorico will always add the necessary pages to include ALL your flows in a M chain, as I understand it. I understood that thanks to the very interesting videos about frame chains from Anthony Hughes (https://youtu.be/kivzO7z4j4Y)
Hope it helps!