Flow preferences/settings

I wonder if it might be possible to extend the number of preferences/settings for a Flow. For example, I’m marking up a score that has numeric rehearsal marks. I have to insert a rehearsal mark, go to the Mark settings, enable the Sequence Type option and select Number. If I were able to set my preference for the current flow (or indeed for Dorico as a whole) then it would be a one-gesture operation.

I don’t have others at the moment but suspect that other Flow options might surface…

Of course, those more experience than I may already have a solution to this, perhaps with a script or something…


It may not be that the options you’re looking for are there, but have you checked whether the options on the Rehearsal Marks page of Engraving Options (which are project-wide and hence apply to all flows) allow you to get the default rehearsal marks you’re looking for?

Thank you - my mistake. I assumed (and I don’t know why) that the Rehearsal Marks option would be system wide. Of course it isn’t. You wouldn’t box us in like that :wink: