Flow renaming problem

I have a document with more than 100 flows (short exercises). After flow 100, if I click the flow in setup mode in the flows section, the flow is selected, but it scrolls out of view. If you want to rename it, you have to scroll to see the selected flow, then right-click (it scrolls out of sight again) and click Rename. It correctly renames the flow, but the scrolling out of view is problematic.

alvira, you can also rename your flows via the Project-Info window. It’s Command-I or Ctr-I (on Windows).

When you rename the flow in the project info window, it changes the flow’s title, but it does not change the name in the setup flows panel. So you end up with a title on the score and another name in the flows’ setup panel.

Are you clicking the correct name field in Project Info?


I was typing the name in the title field. Thanks!!!

Still, the jumping of that scrollbar (I’ve experienced it too) is quite annoying.

As far as I know, typing directly into the Flow field is quite useful: right after one has created a new flow. Because one just needs to keep typing with the keyboard right away (and confirming with Enter) :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: sorry about my grammar.

For reference: the flow scrolling problem, from last month.

Flows have a “name”, which appears in the Flows panel in Setup mode and the left list in Project Info, and a “title”, which appears on the right in Project Info and is the thing that “flow title” tokens refer to.

They can be the same, but they can also be different (if you e.g. want the flow’s title to be “official” but add something in the flow name to remind yourself, like “a cappella version”, or “with brass band”).

The title matches the name automatically, until such time as you edit the title separately from the name: then their link is broken, and changing the name won’t affect the title.