Flow’s name disappear on ipad

Using the guitar template, some flow’s name disappear, but if I chose “new flow: always start a new page” then they visible again.
I haven’t change the factory setting for vertical spacing.
Thank you.

Have you checked Layout Options menu for Page Setup > Flows to tell Dorico when to show Flow Headings : Never / Not for First Flow / For all flows ? I think you want the last option.

Hi Derek,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I’ve ticked “for all flows”
Some of the flow’s name disappear, not all of them.
Also, if I switch to guitar, the problem disappear. It is only on the full score tab

Do you have any page overrides? If you have Pro, in Engrave mode, you can see page overrides in the pages panel. Remove page overrides if they’re there.

On the iPad version?

It would suggest page overrides. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about that on iPad, short of creating a new layout and deleting the old one.

Apologies, I failed to note that part of your initial post.

No problem.

Yes, this is easier solution.
Thank you.

Are the flow names in Program Info?