Flow selection for input


I’m sure this is not a bug but just something to parameter… but I can not find it.

I work in a Dorico project with 20 flows as it is a full “répertoire”.
As I switch between flows, when I am in WRITE or ENGRAVE and I want to switch to another flow, I enter SETUP mode and click on my desired flow. I switch to this latter successfully but as soon as I go back in WRITE mode and a note is selected, Dorico goes back to the previous flow…

To be able to write immediately after selection, I need to un-select the note I was on before going to SETUP…

Most of the time, I forget it and I need to do it twice and check before that nothing is selected…

Any idea ?


I just use Go To Bar … (It’s in the Edit menu.) You can choose the flow there. If you want the end of a flow you can go to the following flow and scroll back. Then I always make a selection on the score before showing the caret. Or you can just double-click where you want to start entering.

This is by far a better way to do it. And I can start to write immediately.

Thank You so much.