Flow Setup feature requests

Hi all,

So, bought Dorico - it’s an exciting project and good to support I think.

Simple feature request:

Could the name of the Flow be divorced from the title of it? I don’t like having “Flow 1” at the top of the composition as I start it as happens by default, and often don’t really want anything at all up there until the last minute. Having a name for flow is useful though, without it appearing…

Also by that token, could the Flow box in the setup pane have more information on display i.e Title, Subtitle, Composer, Lyricist etc.?


The name of the flow as shown in the panel is divorced from the title shown in the score itself: go to File > Project Info and change the ‘Title’ field for the flow (it can even be empty if you like).

Actually I found that out after I had posted - I think my point still stands though. Very minor tweak but would just be nice not to have “Flow 1” automatically at the top of the score (I rarely create a file knowing what the title will be and wanting to spend any time specifying it before I input notes).

While I’m here - loving the ability to just create voices on one part!


IMO having “Flow 1” appear is a reminder to me to set a title before I go to print.