Flow spacing resetting when changing later flows?

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Am I doing something wrong? It’s a bit inconvenient.

Note that I’m changing the player assignments for Flow 13, and it’s changing the staff spacing for Flow 11.


File is attached. You’ll need MusAnalysis or it’ll be a bit goofy-looking.
005.dorico (643.1 KB)

I have witnessed things like this before. I’ve also had a few odd instances where adding a system break on, say, the second system of page 3 changed the staff spacing on page 2, even though there were frame breaks in between and the content of page 2 wasn’t changing or being manipulated at all. Always seems to strike at random times.

Interestingly, it doesn’t reset the spacing if I remove the Lead from later flows, just the piano. And it seems to happen with any flows following Flow 11.

I can confirm a little bug here. What’s happening is that Dorico is incorrectly falling into some code that’s intended to remove now-redundant spacing adjustments when a player’s instruments are removed altogether from a layout – but it of course shouldn’t be doing this for any flow other than the one(s) you’re removing it from. We will make sure this gets fixed for the next update.


Thank you Daniel!