Flow-specific font styles


I’m sure the answer is likely “no”, but I have to ask anyway.
Is there any way that I could have a font style set up for ONLY a single flow in a given project? For example, in one movement of a piece, I want my horizontal line text to use my normal text font, but in another flow, I want that horizontal line text to show note values using the maestro font. Can I separate these in the same project? Or am I asking about the impossible?

In the Font Styles menu for the horizontal line text, I’m now seeing a section for “Substitutes”…is this what I’m looking for? If so, how do I activate this substitute font?


no, there is currently no easy way to achieve that. The substitutes only kick in, if the main font/style is not available (for example on another PC).

Bummer… well thank you for clarifying!

You might be able to define separate lines for each Flow. You can set the Font Style for a given text annotation in the Line Editor.

I tried to achive something very similar to OP but I couldn’t achieve it. Can you clarify on how to achieve that?
Also, they are Font Styles, not Paragraph Styles, right? So this surely limits the freedom.

How does it limit freedom? You can create as many Font Styles as you like.

Oh, indeed. I am sorry.

But it does not give me the ability to use this font style to create custom Texts within the properties panel. It will always revert to the paragraph style “horizontal line”.

This exactly solves my issue! Thank you!