flow title list token?

Apologies if this has been asked before… I searched the forum but could not find the answer.

Is there a token for a “flow titles list” which could be used for a Table of Contents? Similar to the Player List token? It could really be useful for creating a Table of Contents at the beginning of a project. Am I overlooking something obvious?

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No, unless I too am forgetting something I don’t think this is currently possible, but it’s a reasonable request. I’ll add it to the backlog for future implementation.



I’ve made many TOCs manually, but would love automatic functionality here.

Thanks Daniel,


To work as a ToC, you need to marry up each flow title with the page reference. If all the Flow titles are all in one token (even if on several lines), marrying up the page numbers would be difficult.

Currently, it’s easy to use the individual names and First Page tokens, and you can create an iterative list of the tokens with an increasing N number in a text editor.

Unless there could be a token (or an option) for flow page number too, that worked per layout.


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Excuse me. May I expect this gets come true in Dorico 4?

I’d love that too …

There is. {@flowNFirstPage@} (where N is the flow number.

Here’s a text file with iterative tokens for Flow Title and Flow page number, making ToCs a doddle.

TOC tokens.txt.zip (1.2 KB)

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Yes, you can create a ‘Table of Contents’ in Dorico, but it’s a lot of work to make it look good. I had to add the ‘dot leader’ manually per flow.



Looks great Tom! I’d love to see some of the actual songs as well.

I will post the file when it is closer to completion.

I am having a lot of problems with condensing an SATB score. It does some strange stuff. for example,

This one isn’t too bad, because it only has one verse. But then look at Jingle Bells.

I used the Library of Congress version to add back in the 3rd verse which is left out.
There isn’t a large-underscore to indicate to skip the word in that verse, I had to use a tilda “~”. The collisions between words and notes are a big mess where there are more than 3 verses. On the verse repetition, all the notes are played even though they should be silent in that verse. In Sibelius, I could do this.
I am still looking at condensing right now, but I might have to not use it because of the issues I am having.


I basically live in this world (short SATB settings), and I never condense. There’s really no advantage, and it limits your flexibility to modify the score.

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My goal is to create 6 pfds, one each for Chorus, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, and Keyboard. Condensing would be ideal.


That’s a bit uncommon, but I still don’t think it would be the best to condense. Create your SATB score, then create a duplicate layout and delete the unwanted voices (literally, voices) one by one.

PS: if you’ve entered every voice in its own… voice, you can filter-select a voice and delete it in one shot.

P.P.S @dankreider doesn’t just mean to duplicate the layout but also to duplicate the players and copy the music from one set of players to another. On the whole I like to keep everything in a project linked together, otherwise revisions involve remembering to do everything twice, but I can see the appeal in not going down the Condensing route for this sort of project.

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For the bar numbers colliding with the bracket, you can increase the distance between bar numbers and the staff in this layout in Setup>Layout Options (or press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-L) > Bar Numbers.

@Tom_Munsell Yes it is a lot of work to make a TOC. I started on that for a master page but haven’t completed it and moved on to other tasks mostly (like writing music!) Could you share the master page template for that TOC?