Flow Title Not Wanted

I primarily use Dorico to write solo guitar music. I want to just have the name of each piece where the Project Title is. I don’t want to use the Flow title since I don’t use any more than 1 Flow but I’ve noticed that the “1” in the Flow title can’t seem to be deleted. Is there a way that I can eliminate the Flow title altogether especially the persistent 1 before the word Flow? I hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance for any input.

You can turn off Flow Headings entirely from Layout Options > Page Setup. If it’s just the number you want to lose, you can do that by editing the default Flow Heading from the Flow Headings section in the right panel of Engrave mode.

Absolutely, you can turn off flow titles entirely in each layout - see full steps here

Hello and thank you, Lillie and Leo, for your very fast replies. It’s just what I was looking for. Thanks and all the best!

And you can save your Layout Options as a default for all new documents, so you’ll only have to do it once.