Flow title renaming question

When renaming a flow, that title isn’t showing up in the flow’s music area. Shouldn’t that update automatically? I also have set the flows titles in the Project Info panel for every flow, but the flow titles in the music areas are not changing. All 9 flows show the title of the 1st flow.

The flow name shown in the Flows panel in Setup mode is not the name shown in the text frame in the project: that is the flow title, which is set in the Project Info dialog. Check in the master page set in Engrave mode that the token is correct as well: it should be {@flowTitle@} rather than e.g. {@flow1Title@}, which will be hardcoded to show the title of the first flow.

Aw, my fault. I was checking the music area titles while in Setup mode. In Write/Engrave mode, the Project Info titles are showing correctly. Thanks, Daniel.

There does appear to be an asymmetric link between the Flow name(?) as shown in the Flow List in Setup Mode, and the Flow title as shown in Project Info.

If I right click (or double-click) on a flow in the Flow List and select “rename” then whatever I type in there will sometimes overwrite whatever’s in the Title field in Project Info.
If, however, I alter the Title field in Project Info the name shown in the Flow List will not update.

I think the sometimes is as follows:
It it’s a new flow with a generic name, right clicking (or double-clicking) the flow list and renaming there will overwrite both places.
If it’s not a new flow then the two fields are kept separate.
This is irritating if you’ve created a new flow and propagated the Project Info fields by Copying from Project (or from another flow), as you then have to update the title in two places rather than one.

GIF showing that the two fields ARE linked (Daniel seemed to suggest earlier in the thread that they’re not).

The way it works is that the field in the Flows panel is the flow name (which is also what appears in the menu to choose the flow at the top of Project Info), and when you edit the flow name, if the flow title (i.e. the Title field in Project Info) hasn’t been edited, then changing the flow name will change the flow title. But once you have changed the flow title, then subsequent changes to the flow name will no longer update the flow title.

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Hey Daniel,

sorry for zombiefiying this thread, but could you please implement an option to interchange flow names and titles both ways, i.e. have them linked??
In my practice at least I’ve never had to separate between flow “titles” and “names”…


You can have them linked. Delete the entry in Project Info and edit the Flow name on the bottom panel instead. They are now the same.

Well, I guess I need to be careful then to not go to the Project Info first…
Fair enough.