Flow Title reset

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New to dorico and experimented with the layout a bit so far. Somehow there are some Flow titles written inside the score/notes (not above). I also deleted some additional Flow titles that apperad not on top of the page.

However, is there (for a first step) just a way of resetting the flow titles to default bringing back already deleted titles - and my manual editing of course?

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Are you in Pro or Elements/SE?

oh, its pro 3.5, Will update the signature…

From the Pages panel on the right side of Engrave mode, you can right-click any page with a red corner (indicating an override) and click Remove Page Override(s). This will reset the layout for that specific page, restoring any Flow Headings (but potentially resetting some other stuff). There’s also a Remove All Page Override(s) button on the same contextual menu.

If you want to change the global presence of Flow Headings, you can do so from Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows.

People have been known to confuse Flow Headings (which only appear at the start of a flow) with the Text Frames that appear at the top of the Default Master Page (and typically contain the {@FlowTitle@} token). If you want to remove these frames, do so by opening the Default Master Page in the right panel of Engrave mode, and deleting the frames at the top of the left and right pages. Then Apply and close.

Just did some of your clicks. Got a perfect layout. Great! Another thing is that I can´t frame break from one flow to another. I would love to start each piece (which is each a individual flow) on a new Page. At least every flow should start on a new page with its Title headline of course.

I guess the way to frame break the last bar at the end of a flow is not the right choice.

THX again!
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Two things:

  1. Frame Breaks push, not pull. Put a Frame Break on the first beat of your new flow, rather than the final barline of the previous flow.
  2. There’s a global option for this - you don’t need to do them one at a time.

Dear pianoleo,

Got it! I used the layout option setting, which went out just fine. Will check the push concept, too, of course.

Thanks for your great help

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