Flow titles collide with music

So I’m doing the parts for my first orchestra project in Dorico…

I just have a problem with flow titles (for each movement). If I have a part that begins with rests, there is no problem. But if the part has more information above the staff (playing technique, high notes with many ledger lines etc.), the title of the movement will collide with the music. Of course I can manually do the adjustments for each flow in all the parts, I was just wondering if I’m missing something? Is it possible to avoid collisions between titles and music…?

It seems that the “bottom margin” of flow titles only changes the distance to the staff, and therefore only changing bottom margins doesn’t seem to be a solution.

That’s right, just like how the music frame margins control the distance between the page margins and the outermost staff line, regardless of extra notations, in order to keep consistent positions of staff lines, the margins above/below flow headings are absolute in that sense.

You can change the flow heading margins throughout the layout, but you can also insert a flow heading change on individual pages with different margins if you want to change the margins on just one page.