Flow Titles...Getting Rid of the Leading Number

Ok…so a three movement work, and I’m trying to title my flows like this…


But Dorico makes them automatically…

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III

I’ve poured over the settings and docs and I’m just not seeing a way to do this. Any tips?

Hi @Candlebane
Assuming you are using Dorico Pro. In engrave mode. Edit your default flow heading and delete de flow-number token.

Yep! That’s all it took. I didn’t catch how that template worked. I appreciate it.

Alternatively: don’t include the number in the flow title, and replace the flowNumber token in the Default flow heading with the Roman Numeral equivalent.

Or indeed, if you’re not showing any other title than “I” “II” etc, just include the Roman Numeral flow number token in the flow heading, and remove the flow title token.

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This is handy. Thanks!