Flow Titles HELP

Hello All,

I am finishing up a piece with five movements, five separate flows, but occasionally the flow begins not at the top of the subsequent page.

However for some reason I am having trouble, as I move things around while formatting, inputting a {@flowtitle@} into newly made text boxes. They just don’t materialize. The titles are at the top of the default pages, but I cannot put them atop the movements. Anything I can do?

It sounds like you’ve made a number of page overrides and that can mess up your formatting. It’s hard to know what you’ve done without seeing the actual file, (can you post it?). You could start by removing all your page overrides and see if that helps. You do this in Engrave mode by right clicking the page numbers with the red triangle (in the right zone). You may also need to adjust the flow settings in Page Setup of Layout Options.

This might help you as well. To ensure the titles appear at the start of each flow, remove the page overrides on that page, then right click that page and Insert Page Template Change and under Use Page Template: choose “First”.

Check these Layout Options, including hiding flow titles automatically when they appear above flow headings:

Also be careful when moving music around, that flow headings won’t move with the music if they’re locked to the page via page overrides.

For safety’s sake, try this stuff out on a copy of your file.