Flow titles in parts

I have a project with four flows, all have their unique title. The first title is shown in the instrumental parts, the three last don’t show.

Except for in the parts for two instruments I added later to the score! For unknown reasons, titles of all four flows are shown in the timpani and campani parts – but not in the thirteen brass instrument parts I started off the project with.

So apparently, there is a way to have flow titles show in the parts. But how?

I guess this depends whether you have the options for flow breaks set to always start a new page or continue on the same page in Layout Options.

Indeed! If one wants that setting to be “Allow on existing page”, then one will have to add text frames to have the flow titles show in the parts?

Yep. Also check the thread “Space between flows” :slight_smile:

Has the Team considered (as a long-term project)

  • to have “Flow Layouts” to, say, combine header text with music in a single layout applied to a flow
  • to have a “Multi-Flow” page field that would combine flow layouts in order so that as one flow finished (in an instrumental part) the next flow layout (with flow title info) would follow automatically and appropriate spacing algorithms apply until all specified flows had been added
  • page headers and footers would continue to apply


I have just completed a short arrangement of Handel’s Water Music. I have added the title ‘Water Music’ to the first page of the score. How do I get that to appear in the parts, they are currently showing Flow I, Flow 2 and Flow 3. I have read the above dialogue and I am none the wiser! I accept that the fault is mine. Any very basic guide as to what I should do much appreciated.

Ian Schofield

You appear to have entered “Water Music” (presumably in Project Info as the Project Title.
Try using the pull-down menu to access the different flows and copy that info to the Flow Information for each flow.

I am guessing that your parts layouts have {@flowTitle@} as the title token in the header text field. As an alternate, you could change the token in each header, but it is probably easier to copy the Project Info to the Flow info pages.

Many thanks Derrek - I’ll give that a go later and let you know how I get on.

Ian Schofield

Well, I seem to be on the right track. I thought I’d start something else, so I set up a string quartet. Under show information for Flow 1, I typed Title: String Quartet, Sub Title: Mvt. I, Composer: Miss. A. Solemnis

Title and composer showed up in the score and parts, but not the subtitle.

Ian Schofield

To get the subtitle you have to add the subtitle token {@flowSubTitle@} to your header (which may mean reconfiguring the text field to accept the new text).

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’m not sure that I understand the term ‘token’ in this context, or really how to do any of what you suggest. I couldn’t find anything about this in the user manual.

Ian Schofield

You can find the list of tokens here. Tokens are entered in text frames, and are replaced with values from Project Info dynamically. If you have used e.g. Sibelius then you might be familiar with them from that application, where they were called wildcards.

Thanks again Derrek and Daniel. I’ll have a look at this later today.

Ian Schofield

OK. I’ve had a look at the list, and in principle (possibly) I understand that, but when I’m working in Dorico, where are they and what do I do with them. Could I have a step by step guide - at the most basic level - as to how to use them.

Many thanks

Ian Schofield

When you enter one of those tokens into a text frame, when you leave the text editor, the token you entered will be replaced with the text that corresponds to that token, from the Project Info dialog. So to get the subtitle to appear, you could edit the text in e.g. the big box at the top of the first page, which will then show {@flowTitle@} instead of “String Quartet”, then hit Return to add a new paragraph (you can change the paragraph style of the new paragraph if you like, in the popover that is visible while you’re editing text), and enter {@flowSubtitle@}. When you leave the text editor, that token will be replaced with “Mvt. I”, as you entered into the Project Info dialog.

Thank you for your patience with this one!! Have now achieved a subtitle.

Ian Schofield

If you want a better understanding of frames and flows and have not already watched it, John at Steinberg’s c. 35-minute “Discover Dorico – Online Session” video is really helpful.