Flow titles on two-flow pages

I just discovered the joy of the “automatic” flow title at the top of each flow. However, this feature disappears when I have two flows on a page using a two-flow master page, so the master page has First, Default, and Two Flows choices. I use the “change master page” on the pages that I want two flows on. Here are the settings that I use:

New flows: allow on existing page
Use “first” master page: never
Show flow headings: For all flows
Flow title/page#/flow page# in header: hide above flow heading

When I try to add a text frame (either to the master page or as an override) with {@flowtitle@} it shows up blank. If I add the same thing to a single-flow page, it works fine. The frames are MA 1 and MA 2 for the two-flow pages.

Work-around is to create a text frame with the title entered by hand for each of the flows, which is ok if there are only a few two-flow pages in the “book”.

Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug or limited feature?



Your Layout Options are set to hide the Flow Title if there’s a Flow Heading present. If that’s not what you want, turn it off.

P.S. In most cases (multi-movement pieces; worksheets etc.) it makes sense to use Flow Headings for everything apart from the first page of a project, and only to use the First Master Page for the first page of the project. You can edit the default Flow Heading to display everything you need above each Flow. If you do it this way you’ll rarely need to resort to Master Page changes.

P.P.S. I have projects from previous versions of Dorico in which I utilised Master Pages containing multiple flows (and multiple text frames for title etc.). In Dorico 1 it was necessary to specify which flow you wanted the text frames to reference (either by overwriting the tokens with plain text, or by using e.g. {@flow2Title@} ). In Dorico 2 it’s rarely necessary to do this. Just set Layout Options to allow multiple flows per page.

Thanks, pianoleo!

I tried allowing multiple flows on a page, and indeed the flow name came in at the top of each flow. Definitely saved a lot of work there. The drawback is that the flows overlapped and so the vertical spacing has to be changed by hand for each page that has multiple flows (again, unless I’m missing something). Having a two-up master page would at least keep the two flows from crashing into each other.

I’m hiding the flow title and using only default pages for everything because no flows in this book are more than one page.



Always appreciate your advice!

Ed, this overlap could likely be fixed simply by editing the flow header master to add padding above the flow title.