Flow titles

Is there a resource so I can see the automatic formatting for flow titles vs. score titles?

I have a score with one title, a couple of flows with each title, and only on the first page of the first flow, the text script in the title text box {@flowTitle@} shows the score title, not the flow title. On the other pages, that script shows the flow title as I expect.

Ideally, I would expect a different script for the score title, and to have the easy ability to show the score title once at the beginning of the score, and the first flow title below it, like a subtitle. Although, I would expect that a formal subtitle (maybe used for a dedication or the like) would be a differently defined thing.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. If you’re working with defaults, then they’re contained within the master pages: go into Engrave mode and double-click on either the First or Default master pages near the bottom of in the right panel. You should then find yourself looking at the Master Page Editor, where you can tweak all of this stuff as you wish - both the tokens that are used and the fonts that they use.

On an individual basis you can override these global options by double-clicking on any of the text frames on individual pages within Engrave mode.

The other piece of the puzzle is the fonts that are used globally for these things: they can be adjusted from the two (note two!) font dialogs accessed from the Engrave menu.

Have you tried working with the information in Fiie / Project Info window? That’s usually how I sort things out when the text I’m anticipating isn’t showing up.

And in the File/Project Info window, be aware that there is a dropdown to switch between Flow information and Project information. The tokens you enter in the Master Pages will display what is in Project Info dialog boxes. I.e., {@ProjectTitle@} can contain different information than {@flowTitle@}, and be displayed accordingly on the Master Pages. There is a somewhat unintuitive facility to copy Flow information to Project information which is helpful in duplicating much information - you can then modify the differences between Flow and Project information.

I do wish that the initial Default Master Pages were set up for Project Info instead of Flow Info in the field tokens, but do understand that for many users (and especially first-time users) having the FlowTitle (easily seen and editable in the Setup [Flow] tab) appear in the score immediately makes for instant success when creating a new score. Simple scores with only one flow need only minimal information. More advanced needs create opportunities to delve deeper into the program options.

Eventually, I’m sure [well, hopeful] that the ability to save and apply customized Master Pages to new projects will allow us to create options for various score layout designs and apply them as needed. Maybe v3.0? :unamused:

Today’s Dorico 2.2 update introduces some significant changes in this area. Check out the information on flow headings in the Version History PDF, or the new YouTube video, for more information.

Ah, thanks for the info. Sorted out! :slight_smile: