Flow with only text (no music)

Is it possible to create a flow that contains only a text frame instead of a music frame? Or to hide the contents of the music frame? I’m working on a piece in which one movement is a list of instructions rather than notated music. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Not a problem. You can do it in a masterpage or an override. Some people who are doing more extensive text work have found it convienant to do that elsewhere and then just insert graphics. Anyhow you can create a masterpage and just delete any music frames in favor of text or graphics.

I haven’t finished setting it up (reminder to self) but it’s typical to have a page of just text at the beginning of a score with the instrumentation and special instructions. Also the percussion section usually gets this treatment if you have a complicated setup.

Thank you very much @DanMcL. I realized I should have mentioned that I have this flow on the same page as another flow that does have music on it. And I’m having trouble getting rid of the music notation in the flow that I want to just be text. Is the best solution to not have it be an actual flow and just do an override as you suggested and insert a text box for the flow instead?

Not exactly following what you’re trying to do. I guess you have a second flow that is filling in the rest of the page. The reason being you have - whatever your setup is - a page which has both a music frame and a text frame. So assuming you have pro create a text only master page (you can have multiple text frames in there, or whatever you want) and go from there. With that you’ll get no music on that page.

@Coati, it sounds as if you might have more overrides than necessary on your master pages. If you’ve overridden every page and are trying to manually control the content of every frame, Dorico will also then add every flow itself automatically to every subsequent page after your overrides, unless you tell it not to.

In general what I’d recommend is letting Dorico lay the music out for you using, to the greatest extent possible, the default behaviours of the built-in master pages. When you come to the text-only flow, create an override just on that page by resizing the existing music frame to make room for your text-only flow, and add the text-only flow in a separate text frame.

The YouTube series on page layout in Dorico would be worth a watch as it covers all of the required concepts in a simple, step-by-step approach.

Thank you very much @dspreadbury ! This is very helpful and I think I’ve figured it out :smiley: