FlowHeadings, force the name of a flow that is using the heading

When using flows side by side, the flow name of the first (most top) flow in the column is used, u can override that by using the {@flow(Flow Number)title@}. Is it possible to force a Flow heading Template to use that flow title of the flow that it is displaying even the flow is in column of other flows. Something like {@flowSelftitle@} ?

No, because in theory that’s already what the flow title token is doing (ie identifying the flow immediately beneath the token); there’s just a limitation within Dorico itself currently that means adjacent columns of flows conflict in the flow recognition process.

Flow heading templates get used for all flow headings on a page.

What you could do is not show automatic flow headings, and instead build the flow tokens into a page template, and add specific flow numbers into the corresponding tokens. But I believe that’s also already been discussed and explained in some of your other recent forum threads?

Thank you for your response. Yes, we have discussed this before, but I wanted to double-check that there are no undocumented behaviors when using flow headings templates in Dorico, as sometimes happens with software. The current solution involving Flow tokens in a Column/Row Worksheet is not optimal, especially if you want to make use of Dorico’s flow drag-and-drop arrangement system. This is because it doesn’t reflect the actual flow being used. Often, it leads to switching to setup mode, looking up the flow number, going to engrave mode, clicking the flow header, and so on, without any linkage. It’s simpler to manually overwrite and re-enter the flow name since the token doesn’t reflect the flow’s content and remains static instead of dynamic.

Designing with just two frames, as shown in the screenshot, without having to manipulate Dorico, would be fantastic, hopefully in the future. Such worksheets are not that uncommon, and currently, this means more work compared to using Finale or Musescore for similar designs. Since you want to name the flows meaningfully, you might end up using system text and adjusting the position and size at the end. (writing the same thing twice, that’s why its more work)

As for using Frames, the alignment system requires working with coordinates, which aren’t practical for this kind of task. You’d prefer to align items directly with other items, not based on the top of the page. Having the indicator at the top left of the frame is often unhelpful. Adjusting frames with the keyboard is tediously slow. The process could be improved if you could drag-and-drop multiple elements and toggle visibility for pictures, music, and text frames for quicker selection, or align items to another item. Engrave mode in Dorico could be very powerful and might attract many users from Finale. (If features like this would be implemented) Dorico has a lot of potential and excellent features; I hope I’m not misunderstood in this regard, as often happens.
Many of the points I’ve mentioned in this post may have already been discussed with others. However, I’ve been using Dorico since 3-4 weeks, and I believe I’ve explored all the possibilities for designing a worksheet in Dorico. These are my thoughts on the process; feel free to consider or ignore my suggestions. Please don’t take offense.

We know that making it possible for flow tokens to differentiate between columns of music frames would be good to have in future, so you can trust it’s on our radar.

You can adjust frames with the mouse as well as the keyboard. If multiple frames overlap, what I sometimes do is navigate a selection to the relevant handle, move it a fraction, then grab it with the mouse once it’s in a unique position.

For everything else, posting here constitutes sharing your feedback, so that’s also now taken care of :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear that this is on your radar.

Also, I appreciate the practical tip for adjusting overlapping frames. I’ll be sure to try that method.

I’m glad to know that sharing feedback here is taken into account. Thanks for listening and looking forward to future updates! :slight_smile: