Flows and layouts

I’ve been using Dorico for about a month now and loving it, especially the ability to easily do a variety of layouts.

I’m having trouble with a new project though which is attached. It contains 2 full score layouts, Full Score and A4, with different page sizes, attributes and a number of flows. Both layouts should display all flows, but only the A4 layout does. Full Score is only displaying one flow and I can’t get the others to display, even though all flows are ticked.

If I delete Full Score and create a new one, it displays all flows properly, but as soon as I create a new flow, the new Full Score only displays the one flow again.

I created a similar project with 14-odd flows without problems in 3.5.0, then installed 3.5.10.

Am I missing something obvious?

Many thanks,
Flows and Layouts.dorico.zip (772 KB)

In Engrave mode, edit your First master page MA music frame to check the boxes for both flows.

Corrected file here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p29ht5bwvg5oxce/AABha_E25UWhqg-kUzMckyqwa?dl=0

Wow, thanks so much Dan for the quick reply - another corner of Dorico to explore!


By the way, in this case I don’t think it helps you to create a new master page set. It just creates more complications, as you’ve seen. You can use the original master page set, and just assign flows as needed to particular layouts.