flows and movements

i have a piece comprised of several movements. currently each movement is a separate Dorico file (originally brought in from Finale as xml and edited in Dorico). can i combine them into one Dorico file (several ‘flows’ - each flow representing a movement)?

note: i created a second ‘flow’ but it contains the same music as the first ‘flow’. is it the case that i can delete the music in the second flow and paste in the music that i want for the second flow without changing the first flow? why should the new (second) flow be populated by music from the first flow (instead of being empty)?

the process is not very clear.



ok. now i see, in galley view, an empty flow following the first flow. however, copying from one Dorico file to another is labor intensive, especially when there are lots of tied notes. is there a ‘select all’ function in Dorico? the way it looks now, i have to select piece-meal and copy the music to put into the second flow (of the combined score). this often results in rhythm irregularities. if i could select the music from the entire Dorico file to paste into the new flow, it would be so much easier (and more accurate).

You’re right that these kinds of operations are more awkward than they should be. For now, switching to galley view and zooming out allows you to make a marquee selection across the whole of the flow, so you can copy to another one, but this is really no substitute for proper commands to e.g. split an existing flow in two, or merge two flows, etc., all of which we will add in due course.