Flows and part layouts

I have a project with four flows. All are for voices, but Flow #4 is an alternative version of Flow #1 with added parts for wind quintet.
My question is about the part layouts for the wind instruments. I have removed flows #1#3 from those layouts, but those flows still appear in the wind parts in the form of their titles and ‘Tacet’ in a box. This would be appropriate if the flows were to be performed in sequence, but in fact Flows #1#3 are completely irrelevant to the wind players and should not appear in their parts at all. All they should see is the notes they have to play in Flow #4. Is there any way to achieve this?

In Setup mode…
Select the Wind Layouts in the right-hand panel.
Untick Flows 1-3 in bottom panel.

Thank you! I could have sworn I had done that, but apparently not.

It sounds like you selected the flows and untucked the players on the left. (Which also makes sense if a player isn’t playing in a movement). But the flows were still part of the layouts on the right, so Dorico correctly assumed the Flow should still be part of the layout but of course since the players don’t play showed you a tacet sign.
One of the many very smart things Dorico does for you :slight_smile:

In case it’s helpful, here is a topic about the relationship between the 3.

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