Flows and transposition

Here’s the scenario. I am setting a piece by a composer colleague for bass clarinet and piano. he composes for clarinet at concert pitch. It’s then a simple matter to prepare a transposed score with Dorico. (The ensemble pair wants to play off the full score not parts due to the New Complexity School density of very complex rhythmic writing). But we need to release the score in partial tranches and so it has to be transposed and some accidentals respelled and clefs adjusted, and so when I need to go on the corrections done to the transposition will result in a different concert pitch score to what was started out with, and the composer wans to retain the concert pitch score also.

I had an idea that using flows would mean that I could have transposing in one flow, and release that, while having concert pitch in the next flow to keep working, but I found if you select ‘transposed pitch’ it affects all flows.

Is there an option to affect this? If not, what is the best workflow? I hope I have expressed what I want/need clearly enough. I feel sure others must encounter often too. Is it a matter of having to have separate projects for each flow?

Is there any harm using a second set of instruments (so you can make whatever accidental changes that you like) and a second Layout that isn’t transposed?

You could have them all in one “working score” and then two Layouts, with one set in each.

Sorry if I have misunderstood.

Yes, I think probably the simplest way to approach this would be to use separate layouts with a subset of flows included in each one.

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