Flows - export all pieces in one MusicXML-file

Dorico can handle several independent pieces in one document.
Will the MusicXML-standard be enhanced, so that such documents can be exported in full?

PS. Steinbergs lates newsletter state, that other scoring programs can only handle a single piece in one document.
That is not enterely true. So far the only (other) scoring program, that handles more pieces in one document, is PriMus, to be found here: PriMus Notensatzprogramm - neu und genial einfach zu bedienen
And for those who speak Danish: PriMus – dansk nodeskrivning


I believe MusicXML can already accommodate multiple movements within a single compressed MusicXML (.mxl) container, but as far as I know, none of the various applications that can import MusicXML files can cope with MusicXML files that contain multiple works or movements.

At the moment, MusicXML export from Dorico exports only the first flow in a project. I expect we will make it possible to choose which flow(s) you want to export, since that’s really the only practical approach for interchange with other applications.

Daniel, Curious, did you ever have any further thoughts on this? I’m working on a project between myself in Dorico and a client in Sibelius – this project has ~20 flows, which I’d love to get into a single XML export for the client to peruse.

Also – is there such a thing as a “Scorch”-type plug-in, or some way for a client to peruse a Dorico score without paid software?

Thank you!

You can’t export all flows into a single MusicXML document, I’m afraid. You can, though, export all the flows as individual files in one shot via the Export MusicXML dialog.

Dorico doesn’t have a web-based viewer, but you can encourage your collaborator to download and install Dorico SE, which is completely free to use. Although you can only create projects in it with up to two players, Dorico SE can open projects created in Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro with any number of players, so you can view, play back and print those projects.

That’s cool, thank you, Daniel, but if they wanted to make any changes to a score with more than two players, would they be able to do so using Dorico SE? Or only to the first two players in the score?

If the project contains more than two players they wouldn’t be able to edit it at all; not even the first two players.

Thanks, Leo!