Flows... hide/show ?

When working on a score featuring many movements (flows),
can we hide or show «flows» that we are not working on ?


You can select which flows are “visible” in Engrave. You have first to enable “Frames” at the top left, and then you have access to stuff on the right corner of each music frame. If you click on the first “MA” thing, you can Unlink. Once this is done, you have access to Flows a little bit on the left. This is great : you choose which flow and which players appear in that music frame. Maybe this can help.

In SETUP, first make sure you select a LAYOUT on the right (so that it becomes BRIGHT BLUE) Then, in the FLOWS panel, select the flows you wish to view in that layout, by checking/unchecking the checkboxes in upper right corner of the flows.


Thanks !