Flows in Multimovement Work

I recently moved from Sibelius to Dorico. I like Dorico’s approach to multi movement works more than Sibelius, so I decided to transfer some of my Sibelius scores to Dorico.

I followed the instructions for importing each score from an XML file as a flow. Everything went fine, and in Setup mode, I can see the four movements in the bottom window as four separate flows. In Write mode, however, I only see one flow, the flow selected in Setup mode. I can switch between each flow in Write mode by choosing the flow I want to edit in Setup mode.

First, I want to know if this is correct. I am a bit confused because you can also have flows in a score within a movement, which is what I learned working through some tutorials. For example, in Write mode I can add a flow to show the layout in Gallery mode or have a flow for each part. I can add these flows by using the + or add tab button in the Write window.

I was under the impression that each movement (the flows in Setup mode) would be one of those flows in the window in Write mode. It seems that there are two levels of flows, one in Setup mode for movements or separate pieces in a set and the flows in a piece used for parts and other things. To edit or add notation to one of the movements, I first have to choose it in Setup mode.

Is this correct? I am just making sure I understand the workflow in Dorico for multi-movement works.
Thanks in advance.

Not true as far as I know. If all the flows are checked for your working layout and instruments are checked for the flow (and layout), each flow should follow the one before.

And welcome to the forum, @Ciro_Scotto .

Make sure that all the Flows are selected within the Layout.

The ‘Trinity’ of Players, Flows and Layouts can be a bit confusing. Players can be on or off for Flows and Layouts; Flows can also be on or off for a given Layout.

It would help to show a screenshot of the Setup panels.

First, thanks for the welcome Derrek! OK, in Write mode I see that the four flows I see in the Setup window are combined into a single score in Write mode. I did not see this because I did not bother to scroll all the way through the document. I had assumed that each movement would appear in the tab bar as a flow.

I guess something I read in the first tutorial lead me to believe each movement would display as a flow. Thanks for the answer.

Hi bewiggy,

Ok, one thing I noticed was that some of the flows were not checked, so I checked them. Attached (I hope), is a screenshot from Setup mode.


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