Flows & Layouts

I wanted to create a different layout options for specific pages.
The need came as I wanted to give more space to the 1st page title (text frame) which created deviation in vertical layouts ( I think) on the next pages. There is one layout - the full score. I went through splitting the flow and creating a new layout just to find out that it is not the way to go. I also get to options for layout - add or remove all flows.
I suspect the solution has some to do with frame chains.
If any one can drop a clue on how to do this that will be nice.
Is there a way to show undo history and select from it?
This will save consider amount of time…
Thanks very much in advanced.

There should be backup versions of your project (don’t ask me where) which might help you “undo” things. There’s no “undo history” feature currently.

Thanks for your reply - of course there is… :slight_smile:

I get the impression that you’re referring to frames when you say

and that you want more space below the title before music starts, and when you lower the height of the first music frame to do this, that it is adjusting the music that comes after it?

I’m quite confused about what you’re trying to do and what is actually happening. Perhaps you could upload the project?

Because there is one full score layout - I think that pulling down the music frame of the 1st page to make more space for the title - creates adjusting problems using the global settings of that full score layout - its a two pianos arrangement.
Thanks again.

Yes, the music will automatically be lowered with the frame. When there isn’t enough space for the lowest system anymore, it will be moved to the next frame in the chain, and so on until the music ends.

This shouldn’t affect System Breaks but would definitely affect Frame Breaks.

Has this helped at all? If not, it would be very helpful if you attach some form of you project so we can see what you’re looking at, along with some specific examples of what is troubling you. If not, a screenshot might help.

I forgot how to prepare the project for sending in.
I have erased all dynamics and many things that interfere with proper page layout justification, I am trying to do it right…
Thanks for your willingness

If you still want to attach it, change the Playback Template to Silent. If that still doesn’t lower the file size then you can try cropping the end of the flow etc.

Send a picture at least! Now I’m committed! :joy:

ok working on it.

Rites of Nature and Men -231022-1740 ~ 301022 - 0343 - to send.dorico (1.1 MB)

Cool. Now, what part of this project are you not happy with? Or maybe what page?

when I try to justify 2nd page and on it changes the 1st - I need to get proper well balanced justification.
There are problems with gaps between staves etc. but the 1st page is ok.

Have you considered changing the space size and/or spaces between systems? I changed the Space Size to 1.4mm and Inter-system gap to 9 spaces and it looks prettier to me.

This may not be possible to you for whatever reason though.

thanks I’ll try that.
In the you tube clip discover dorico all these options came about and I have tried many things. I believe that the proper solution is to work with another layout file but I don’t know how to do that.
I’ll check your solution later on :slight_smile:
Take care.

You can always make an exact copy of the layout you are unhappy with (Setup Mode → rightclick the layout in question → choose Duplicate Layout) and fiddle with the copy. Which will initially appear at the bottom of the layout list.

Thanks very much, I think I had enough with Dorico, so much simpler with a pen and paper.
Thanks very much for your reply.