Flows on one page


Is it possible to put 3 flows on a chosen page in a book, without altering the overal layout.
Because when I allow “multiple flows on one page”, all my pages are affected and this changes my layout. Most pieces are just one flow, but a few need multiple flows.



You can allow flows onto the same page as a previous flow, and then use frame breaks to push flows you want at the top of a new page onto the next page.

Hello to Belgium and a guitar teacher as well.
About flow, unless they changed it in Dorico 4,
I don’t think that you can do it.
I have to put a beak to move the flows to the next page. I might be wrong.
Edit: you just go the answer from Lillie

So the conclusion is that I allow multiple flows on one page for the whole score (book 35 pages) and then redo my layout?

An alternative is not to allow flows on the same page, then omit from the main page template frame chain (usually this is called “MA” and you can access the menu when editing either the First or Default page template) the flows that you do need to show on the same page as other flows, then draw in layout music frames where needed and handle the selection of those flows manually.

Here’s a video that shows a bit of how that works:

You would need to remove those flows from the MA default frame chain to prevent them also appearing on separate pages, if that’s not what you want.

Thank you for the alternative solution.
I’ll try both to learn more.